Marketing & Advertisements

An alternative Perspective On How to create a strong brand


We have been involved with a number of marketing projects across all sorts of industries.

There are so many ways that photography can be used to advertise businesses, by introducing our aerial services, we really bring something a little extra to the table. Here are a few ideas that have been a huge success for our clients previously, we would love to hear about any ideas you may have on how we can help you drive your business forward.


We were asked to take corporate headshots for a team of staff within a hotel, they pride themselves on having strong family values which we wanted to highlight. 

Not only did we shoot the individual photographs they were after but also a large group photo of the team from above.

This created a fantastic shot to share with their customers as it shows an approachable, fun aspect to the team. We now return every year, It is fantastic to see the team grow. 


One of the best ways to sell a product is to increase the emotional connection that a customer has with it. 

When a person buys a house off-plan, it could be months before they can step foot inside, and many pull out of the purchase to buy elsewhere. 

Sharing photographs of the build with buyers, allows them to see ‘their’ house appear step by step; they won’t say goodbye to their new home when they are emotionally invested. 


Alongside photography, we also specialise in design and printing services. We are not only able to capture content; we can also provide physical marketing tools for you to use within your business all under one roof.

We have created full marketing packages for a number of clients allowing for a seamless partnership and a fantastic end result. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service and ensuring our clients have everything they need and more.

A Collection of Projects

Northumberland Border


 Some elements of this short video have featured within a regional television advert. 

With a country full of beautiful landscapes, capturing the world from a different perspective has endless possibilities. There are so many fantastic places to visit on our doorstep, with footage like this It would be hard for anyone to resist a staycation this year.


The Cave Hotel, Near Canterbury

We visited The Cave Hotel to take a selection of aerial photographs of the building and connecting golf course. These images are now being used by the marketing team to advertise the business across their social media channels and our wedding business, Luke Granger Photography are now one of their recommended suppliers.


A number of our photographs feature as murals within Darenth Valley Hospital. They were installed by our sister company, DPS Print.

Taylor Wimpey

The marketing suite within our local Taylor Wimpey development features our photographs. Visit our construction page for more information.


Back in 2018, our footage featured in a fantastic advert for Vodafone. Combining traditional and modern methods allows us to create something innovative and eye catching.


We have a number of clients where a non disclosure agreement is in place, although we would love to share our work with you, in these cases we respect their wishes and will not discuss or share the work we have achieved.